Thassos island

Thassos is an exotic Greek island in the Aegean sea view located opposite the city of Kavala, 6.7 km from the nose of Keramoti bay, not far from the mouth of the river Mesta. 
Occupies an area of 380 km2, its shape is almost round, and touring the coast is about 100 km. Observed from a distance it resembles a high mountain, deep in the sea. Its highest point is Mount Ipsario, which rises to 1203 meters above sea level. 
The main mountain range, with five peaks over 1000 meters high, stretches from north-west, south-east and divides the island into two unequal parts. 
Mountains of the island is covered by forests of Mediterranean pine, and on the slopes and at the foot by the cypress, sycamore, fir, horse chestnut, oak and evergreen shrubs. 
Olive trees occupy much of the land on the island, many of them are 500 and 1000 years old.

Forests occupy 3/4 of the surface of the island and coastal areas are dotted with walnuts, almonds, mulberries, vines, figs and pomegranates. 
Northeast of the island is characterized by steep slopes, where the mountains and sea merge together and form a landscape of rare beauty. 
Mountain range in the southwestern part of the island gradually descend to the sea. 
Banks are varied and in many places formed beaches and havens that attract many tourists. 
The climate is temperate and healthy, summer is cool and not too hot, and winters are mild due to the influence of the sea. 
Emerald Isle - so called Thassos for crystal-clear waters, near the sandy beaches of the Aegean Sea – it has had a turbulent history, which goes back centuries, abundant sources of wealth, from all historical periods and in particular from antiquity. 
Here you can see the monuments that are in very good condition, the walls of the fortress of the ancient city, the temple of Apollo and the ancient theater. 
The island maintains all elements of Greek culture and Greek tradition. 
The main resources of the island are tourism, mining of marble and wood, olive oil, honey and other agricultural products. 
The combination of mountain, sea, dense forests, abundant natural water sources and unique beaches, creates ideal conditions for rest and recreation. 
Incredible scenery and excellent tourist infrastructure, giving the island a distinctive character, which attracts many visitors from around the world. 
Today, the island is a popular tourist destination with many holiday accommodation, hotels, villas, apartments and rented rooms. 
To the east are the villages - Panagia, Potamia, Kinira, south - Astris, Potos, Limenaria, north - Rahoni, Limenas and west - Maries, Kallirachi, Sotirios and Prinos. 
One of the attractions is the monastery of St. Archangel Michael, its incredibly beautiful location, south side of the island, opposite Mount Athos. 
The unique natural environment, healthy and temperate climate, hospitable residents, restaurants and taverns make Thassos, and incredibly desirable place for recreation and relaxation. 
The island is famous for its turquoise waters and unique beaches such as Chrissi-Ammudya, Paradiso, Aliki, Psili Ammos, Agios Antonios, Metaliya, Trippity, Saliara, Makriammos, Rosokremo, Pahis, Atspas, Timonia, Pefkari and many more small and larger, secluded romantic and crowded for every taste. 

*A ferry travels every day throughout the year from Kavala to Thassos and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. 
*You can reach from Keramoti to the island's capital Limenas-Thassos in 40 minutes, and there are ferries almost every hour.

*Private doctor: 0030 6972774874
Health Center - Prinos: 0030 25930 71100
Health Center - Prinos: 0030 25 930 71 101
Thassos Police Station: 0030 25930 22500
Port Limena: 0030 25930 22106
Port Keramoti: 0030 25910 51204
Archaeological Museum: 0030 25930 22180
Bus Thassos: 0030 25930 22162
Airport Kavala/Chrysoupoli: 0030 25910 53271

                                                   Limenas-Thassos - the island's capital